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"Coliman" is the name of the last great Nahua leader after whom todays city of Colima was named. He was the fiercest resistor and last Nahua leader to fall to the Spanish conquistadores. As such, Coliman is our inspiration for continuing to fight for the survival of indigenous culture.  


Specifically, we strive to reestablish Nahua and Purepecha social systems to allow the cultures to flourish and traditional knowledge to thrive. 


We work from the premise that traditional knowledge is at the core of indigenous identity, culture, and heritage. In turn, traditional language is at the core of its transmission from one generation to the next.  For this reason, education of the young must be offered in the indigenous languages and cover a range of topics and indigenous traditions in art,  dance, music, medicine, food, and agriculture techniques if the cultural identity is to be preserved and the great wisdom is to be passed down to the new generations who are eager to learn it.


Some of our participating entities include Ochoa Group, Eco Vida, Son Algas, NextGenUrban, and Doctors For Indigenous. 


We welcome new partners who share our passion for the revival of indigenous cultures. 

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