Friends of Coliman

Coliman partners with value aligned specialists dedicated to the success of indigenous people.

Together with indigenous leaders, we support the cultural renaissance of Nahua and Purepechan cultures.

Doctors For Indigenous

Volunteer Doctors 

Serving Remote Indigenous Populations of Mexico.

Affectionately known as "the surfing doctors", these volunteers routinely visit Nahua and Purepechan villages to provide free health and wellness visits with a special focus on keeping accurate medical charts for each inhabitant.

Equal access to affordable high-quality health care is essential for reaching one's full potential. Coliman Org considers this a basic human right, and a perfect starting point for the Coliman mission. 


Son Algas

Innovative Algae Grower

Producing Organic Fertilizer and Animal Feed for Indigenous Family Farms.

Son Algas combines proprietary techniques with modern farm technology and ancient Nahua wisdom to create their "Zero Input" algae production system helping

them provide affordable high-quality fertilizer and animal feed for the remote

villages near their home in Colima Mexico. It is essential for small-holder family

farms to have a value-aligned suppler of critical farm inputs. Coliman Org understands

that algae products increase crop yields and expand profit margins for indigenous families.



Sustainable Lifestyles Company

Specializing in water, energy, food, fuel, and waste cycles at the community level.

NexGenUrban contributes sustainable infrastructure design and installation services for the emerging Nahua and Purepechan communities with a specific focus on the Colima, Jalisco, and Michoacan regions.  Community control of basic utilities can be a path to economic and environmental sustainability. Coliman Org believes that families who can save their hard earned cash by co-owning utility services is a way to build family wealth.


Eco Vida

Environmental Non-Profit


Specializing in environmental education and occupational training in the Nahua and Purepechan languages to indigenous populations in Colima, Jalisco, and Michoacan. Training in one's native language is a key to engaging and retaining community stakeholders in lifelong learning. Coliman Org has seen the exponential rise in success of indigenous people when taught in their native tongue. 



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