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BeArch offers a wide range of counseling services for building planing, project management and construction support.

About Us

We are group comprised of indigenous and non-indigenous, local residents & foreigners, all with one thing in common: We have a deep interest in reviving the cultures of the Nahua and Purepecha civilizations of central Mexico. Together we contribute to the renaissance of these amazing cultures and the regrowth of these indigenous populations and the preservation of traditional knowledge that is at the core of indigenous identity culture and heritage, and a key to advancing Goal 4 of the U.N.'s sustainable development goals which is to improve access to inclusive and equitable education.

The Participants

While there are dozens of contributing individuals, the core list of participating organizations includes a medical non profit providing free health care visits,  an environmental non profit providing educational opportunities,  multiple government agencies,  other indigenous advocacy groups, a farm supply company focused on indigenous family farms, sustainable infrastructure company providing design & build services, an adventure tourism marketing company and a volunteer staff management company. We are an action group and support network for indigenous families throughout our region. 

Renaissance Blog

What would life be without cultural experiences? Our blog is about the adventures we have while uncovering the hidden gems of Mexico's ancient culture and about celebrating what we call the "MesoAmerican Renaissance"  or rebirth of traditions and spirit of the Nahua and Purepecha indigenous cultures. Sometimes we share observations or history about the fascinating people we meet, or simply pass along some tips for how to get along in other cultures. The blog is always accompanied by an image or two of an extraordinary works by a local indigenous artists past or present.


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